I credit Community Counseling Solutions and its staff with helping to save the life of someone I love dearly that was suffering from severe depression.  Their mental health services through CCS are as good as you will find anywhere in the state—if not better.  Through technology we have access in remote regions to services that we might have had to go out of town for in the past.  And CCS is an organization that cares—truly cares—about people.  C

“Lakeview Heights is a great place to go if you need help. The staff are good people that are willing to listen and help. Sometimes, I wish I could go back just for a day or two just to visit. I usually just call them and it helps.” D.F.

“Coming to Lakeview Heights has been good for me. It has removed me from many of my triggers that have held me back in the past. I’ve been able to focus on me and doing what I need to do to be successful.” K.P.

“My stay at Lakeveiw Heights helped me change where my life was going. I was treated like a person and everyone was real with me. I got out of the state hospital, learned some new skills and how to handle day to day life. I’ve now been living on my own apartment over a year now.”  N.C.

I have and am accessing the mental health and alcohol and drug services of Community Counseling Solutions since they became a provider in Gilliam County nearly seven years ago.  My experience with the counselors has been amazing.  Their compassion and knowledge in both of the areas which I access services from has totally met and continues to meet my various needs.  Community Counseling Solutions has not only helped me, but also helped my children and my parents. 

I cannot say enough about the service-if you need to see someone while in a crises or your life has just fallen apart, they get you in immediately.  Having experienced various counseling providers in the past, I can say that Community Counseling Solutions has proven to me to be an exceptional, professional and caring organization that has provided the services necessary for me to have a productive and worthwhile life. 

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