Cost Savings

At the close of each call to the Warmline, each caller is asked what other services they would have used if they had not had the opportunity to connect on the Warmline. The responses are tallied and assigned validated cost values.

In the last quarter of providing this essential peer support service, we demonstrated a total cost savings of over $525,000. Our expenses to provide the peer support were an investment of only $120,000. That’s a return on investment of 439%.

We can’t afford NOT to fund peer support and peer recovery programs!

2nd Quarter Cost Savings for 2017 (March 1 – June 30, 2017)

Cost Savings For Counties: All
From 04/01/2017 Thru 06/30/2017
More Costly Service Dollar Savings
911 $1,170
Ambulance $20,000
Crisis Line $116,040
Hospital Emergency Room $309,100
Maybe $5,700
Other $7,755
Police $720
Primary Care Provider $12,600
Provider $38,700
Unknown $15,200
*** Total Cost Savings*** $526,985

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