Juniper Ridge Acute Care Center

Community Counseling Solutions, in partnership with Blue Mountain Hospital and Eastern Oregon Health Services Consortium operates Juniper Ridge Acute Care Center (JRACC), a secure acute care psychiatric facility in Grant County, Oregon. This 10 bed facility provides acute care services for up to four individuals, short term secure residential care for up to 5 individuals, and 1 crisis/respite bed for individuals primarily from the Grant County area. JRACC works closely with the individual, family, and other identified community resources providing solution focused and recovery driven treatment services that will effectively stabilize the individual and step them down to a lower level of care as soon as is clinically indicated.

Services and supports:

  • Personalized recovery planning
  • Multidisciplinary assessment and treatment
  • Risk-focused assessment and intervention
  • Psychiatric assessment and treatment
  • Psychosocial rehabilitation
  • Daily medication administration and management
  • Recovery-centered assessment, planning and interventions
  • Peer support services
  • Dual diagnosis services based on engagement and harm reduction
  • Crisis intervention and stabilization


Individuals age 18 and over who do not have a significant physical health issue or whom would be more appropriately served by another level of care.


Referrals are accepted from other providers including community mental health programs and hospitals.


As available, JRACC can provide secure transport services to and from JRACC. If a person needs to be transported via service transport services, and the JRACC transport team is unavailable, the sending county/agency will be responsible for arranging secure transport.


An individual admitted to the acute care facility may be placed in a secure hold room or a short term residential bed only after they have been screened and approved by the on call physician at Blue Mountain Hospital, as well as the facility’s psychiatrist, and appropriate intake paperwork has been completed. If they are from an out-of-area county or facility they must also be medically cleared by the sending physician.


For individuals placed at JRACC on a hold or civil commitment, social workers will work closely with community mental health programs to ensure that the relevant rules and statutes are adhered to. When an individual arrives at JRACC they may be placed on a hospital hold. The hold (or Notice of Mental Illness) will be filed in accordance with OAR 309-033-0240. JRACC is fully equipped with state of the art video conferencing equipment. Any court processes that can be held by video will be accommodated. When necessary, JRACC’s secure transport team may transport individuals to/from court hearings.


Discharge planning will begin at the time of admission. Social workers and the clinical team will work closely with the individual, family, referral sources and community supports to step the individual down to the lowest level of clinically appropriate care in the shortest amount of time possible.

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