Written by Shannon N. Hill Abstract This research examines the strengths and talents of people who have autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The purpose for this research is to identify ways in which people with ASD can perform better in a society that does not have complete understanding of the autistic mind and thought processes. Performance in the classroom and the workplace is an essential part of people’s lives, in that it helps people achieve aRead More
Community Counseling Solutions By Shannon N. Hill   Introduction No matter who you are, or where you are from, when you decide to say something, it is important and you want to be heard and understood.  Earning my Bachelor’s degree in psychology has been helpful in identifying mental health needs, but I have learned how to assess needs from the people I have served in both, the mental health program, and the developmental disabilities programRead More
by    Abby Phon At the airport gate, on my way back to the U.S. (from Africa), the second security check confiscated the 3 liters of water I had just purchased in the main terminal. I cried. Literally, I cried. Clearly, the security agent didn’t understand exactly how much water I consume on a 17 hour flight (about 6 liters actually!). Water has always been my drink of choice. It just makes me feel good. IRead More
Most people have learned not to smoke in the house or in the car when non-smokers are with them. This is especially important for the children of a smoker. Recently, people are aware of how dangerous this is, because a smoker can be ticketed for up to $250.00 for endangerment of a child if they are found smoking in their own vehicle with a child in it (Bazar, 2006). No doubt, in the very nearRead More
The liver is one of the largest organs in our bodies. It weighs approximately three pounds and is nearly the size of a football. The liver takes up the upper right, and some of the upper left portion of the abdomen. The liver is responsible for keeping our bodies alive. Every single thing we put in our bodies must eventually pass through the liver, because it acts as a filtering system (Deihl, 1993). The liverRead More
From Having a family history of heart disease can feel like a heavy weight – a source of worry as you think about your health and your future. Unfortunately, there is no way to change your genetics. But there are ways you can understand and manage your risks. If you have a family member with heart disease, I suggest thinking about these five things to put your mind at ease and help reshape yourRead More
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