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The history of Community Counseling Solutions is long and colorful. In fact, it extends all the way back to the 1970’s. It was at that time that the State of Oregon created what they called local mental health authorities. These authorities were actually the counties of Oregon, and the state decided that each county could operate a community mental health program itself, or it could contract with a private not-for-profit mental health agency. So, Morrow County instituted its own community mental health program called Morrow County Mental Health. In those early days, Morrow County temporarily paired with Wheeler County and at one time Gilliam County, but it wasn’t until 1996 that they joined for good. The agency changed its name to Morrow County Behavioral Health to avoid the stigma associated with the term “mental health.”

Mental Health Services

It can be very scary to go to a counselor the first time. It can be hard to face ourselves, to open up to another, and even to just take that first step to address the things that we are struggling with.

School Based Health Centers

Offering primary care services, Immunizations, mental health counseling.

Developmental Disability Case Management

Managing all the details that are part of life for someone with a developmental disability can be discouraging and overwhelming at best, and impossible at worst.

Drug/Alcohol Treatment

We work intensly with individuals to overcome their addictions to alcohol and/or other drugs.


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About Our Horses

Equine Assisted Therapy

Lakeview Heights’ Equine Assisted Therapy program is a part of the daily life of the eight residents of Lakeview Heights SRTF. Additionally, for several weeks during the spring, summer, and fall, youth receiving services from the Community Counseling Solutions outpatient offices of Heppner, Boardman, Arlington, Condon, and Fossil can participate in their own group therapy sessions with the horses. Community Counseling Solutions provides transportation for these youth to and from Lakeview Heights.

Our history

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2014 - Rental Assistance Program Established

In September of 2004 CCS established the Rental Assistance Program


2013 - Health Deptarment & Primary Care Established

In January 2013 CCS contracted with Health Department and Primary Care


2012 - Juniper Ridge facility opens

In February of 2012 CCS opened our new facility. Juniper Ridge Acute Care Facility


2010 - Foster Grandparents & Senior Companion Programs established

In May of 2010 CCS establishes the new Foster Grandparents and Senior Companion Programs


2010 - Lakeview Heights facility opens

In February 2010 CCS opens a new facility named Lakeview Heights


2008 Warmlilne Established

David Romprey Crisis Warmline estashed


2008 - Grant County contracted

In October 2008, Grant County contracted with the agency.


2008- Gilliam County Contracted and name change

In July 2008, Gilliam County contracted with the agency and that year the name changed again to its present name of Community Counseling Solutions.


2007- Official Name Decided Upon

July 1, 2007, the official name of the agency became Morrow Wheeler Behavioral Health.


2004 - Private Not For Profit Agency Formed

In 2004, the administration of Morrow County Behavioral Health and the Morrow County commissioners were in agreement that the agency would be better able to serve the needs of Morrow and Wheeler Counties if it became a private not-for-profit agency.


1996- Foundation

In 1996, when Wheeler County joined, the agency entered into a unique agreement with the Wheeler County Commission of Children and Families, Wheeler County, and the Juvenile Crime Prevention Program.

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